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There may be a lot of fish in the sea, but DJ has got the “Fish” for you! – Guest post by Austin Kieffer

A new shipment of boats has arrived in Bellingham, strait from Ocean Paddlesports. We have replenished our entire line of Fenn products and there just might be a beautiful, brand-new boat waiting for you to unwrap and unleash on the waves.

First, we have a Fenn XT (glass). This boat is perfect for beginners or those who want the upmost stability in rough conditions. The XT has a stable platform and more width than most boats, allowing athletes to focus the their technique without worrying about needing to focus on their swimming skills as well. This boat may not be quite as fast as the upper end Fenn products, but it certainly can move in any condition. In fact, the Fenn XT was the boat that I placed 19th in, during last year’s US Surfski Champs. It was the perfect boat to afford my beginner balance a little more stability and allow me to make the most of every stroke in the choppy water.

Next, an entire school of Fenn Swordfish (glass & carbon) have arrived, to satiate popular demand. Join the sensation sweeping the nation! The Swordfish is the fastest selling boat in the Northwest surfski market. DJ’s last shipment sold like hotcakes and this batch promises to do much the same. It’s almost impossible to paddle anywhere in Bellingham without seeing a Fish tearing up the bay or zipping along the lake. Glass or Carbon, the Swordfish is just plain fun. A step up from XT, the Swordfish is the ideal intermediate boat. The sleek design is only fractionally slower on the lake than the top Fenn products, and in the chop, the boat is a monster. The increased volume behind the seat and slightly increased width, when compared with the Elite or the SL, allow the boat to behave much more amicably in the chop. The boat is stable and a surfing monster. No matter what the conditions, plan to enjoy yourself in the Swordfish.

Finally, the epitome of sex appeal, the Fenn Elite SL (glass & carbon) is back. Fast on the flat, responsive on the waves, and a rocket in any race, the SL is the boat of a champion. The SL is simply one of the best top end racing machines on the market.

And it wouldn’t be a proper shipment without a cherry on top, so thank you Ocean Paddlesports for providing just such a proverbial cherry. Last, but not least, we have a brand new glass Carbonology Atom for sale. The boat looks like a K-1 and lets just say it’s rather quick on the lake. My recommendation? Someone needs to get their hands on the boat before DJ starts racing it on Wednesday nights and even further extends his legacy of domination!

Fenn Swordfish & Elite SL are here!

Fenn Swordfish

Fenn Swordfish & Fenn Elite SL just arrived from South Africa

After months of anticipation, the container carrying the new lineup of Fenn surfskis, including the Fenn Swordfish and Fenn Elite SL,  has arrived and been unloaded at Ocean Paddlesports in Costa Mesa, CA. Both boats will be available at US  Surfski Champs in San Franscisco in two weeks for demos on Friday, August 12th from 12-4pm at Shorebird Park in Berkley. Surfski Northwest will also be bringing back a demo boat of each new model, Swordfish and Elite SL, to Bellingham, WA for the Pacific Northwest. I am very excited about racing the Swordfish next weekend in the Wavechasers race and making training/ surfing runs during the week leading up to US Champs.

Container carrying Fenn Swordfish & Elite SL

The  Fenn Swordfish has had huge positive responses in South Africa and is making the mark as the perfect crossover boat between high-end speed and reliable stability. The Fenn Elite SL takes the Elite and cuts some volume & trims the line for smaller paddlers. The Elite is a racehorse on flats and a downwind machine, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like trimmed down for smaller paddlers like me, struggling to keep at a buck sixty. The Elite SL could be just the boat….

Interested in demoing a Fenn Swordfish or Fenn Elite in the Pacific Northwest? Contact Surfski Northwest

Fenn Swordfish… Coming Soon

Here’s a write up on the Fenn Swordfish, the new intermediate surfski from Fenn. The Swordfish is a hybrid between the new Fenn XT design and the Fenn Elite. Looks like this will be a great boat for folks looking to increase speed while keeping stability in the waves. Looking forward to getting the Pacific Northwest demo boat soon and testing it out on the bay and down in the Columbia Gorge this summer. More info to come, but based on reviews this looks to be the boat of choice for surfski champs in San Fran this summer.