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Fenn Swordfish & Elite SL are here!

Fenn Swordfish

Fenn Swordfish & Fenn Elite SL just arrived from South Africa

After months of anticipation, the container carrying the new lineup of Fenn surfskis, including the Fenn Swordfish and Fenn Elite SL,  has arrived and been unloaded at Ocean Paddlesports in Costa Mesa, CA. Both boats will be available at US  Surfski Champs in San Franscisco in two weeks for demos on Friday, August 12th from 12-4pm at Shorebird Park in Berkley. Surfski Northwest will also be bringing back a demo boat of each new model, Swordfish and Elite SL, to Bellingham, WA for the Pacific Northwest. I am very excited about racing the Swordfish next weekend in the Wavechasers race and making training/ surfing runs during the week leading up to US Champs.

Container carrying Fenn Swordfish & Elite SL

The  Fenn Swordfish has had huge positive responses in South Africa and is making the mark as the perfect crossover boat between high-end speed and reliable stability. The Fenn Elite SL takes the Elite and cuts some volume & trims the line for smaller paddlers. The Elite is a racehorse on flats and a downwind machine, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like trimmed down for smaller paddlers like me, struggling to keep at a buck sixty. The Elite SL could be just the boat….

Interested in demoing a Fenn Swordfish or Fenn Elite in the Pacific Northwest? Contact Surfski Northwest