Weather & Conditions

Links to weather and water conditions around the Pacific Northwest.

Bellingham Area Weather & Bay Conditions

National Weather Service Marine Forecast
Marine forecast for Northern Inland Waters including San Juan Islands. This site is a must for any Bellingham and PNW paddler looking to go out on the bay.

Bellingham Bay Cam

Real Time Images and Data on Weather in Bellingham Bay, Bellingham, WA.

Visualization of Recent Weather Data From Bellingham Cold Storage, Bellingham, WA

Columbia River Gorge Area Weather & River Conditions (Hood River, OR)

The Gorge Is My Gym Recreation Forecast
This site is priceless on our surfski trips down to the Gorge. Tamira is generally right on with her wind and weather predictions and her forecast is the first thing we check every morning down there.

Wind Finder Forecast : Hood River, OR

A great resource for wind forecasts a few days out. This site also includes wind statistics and wind reports for area.

Hatch Cam (Hood River, OR)

Real time images from the Hatchery & Swell City just West of Hood River, OR.

Stevenson, WA Weather

Great real time data of weather and wind conditions in Stevenson, WA.

Stevenson, WA Daily Weather Reports

Want to see what the wind was really blowing when you put on for your run from Bob’s Beach to Home Valley? Check it out in “Today’s Data File” halfway down the page for 5 minute interval wind speeds & gusts.

Stevenson, WA River Cams (Bob’s Beach)

Real time images from Bob’s Beach, Stevenson, WA

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