Fenn Mako Elite Double

Fenn Mako Elite Double
Fenn Kayaks
The fastest double ski on the market, period. Quick, responsive, and sleek, there is no rival for the Fenn Double Elite. The fastest local and international double ski teams all paddle the Fenn Elite for this reason. A true ego booster, jump in this ski and prepare for take off.
Mako Elite Double Specs
Construction Carbon Vacuum Fiberglass
Length 24.5′ 24.5′
Beam 18.31″ 18.31″
Height 16.14″ 16.14″
Weight 40 lbs 60 lbs
Pedal Length Fully Adjustable Fully Adjustable
Footwells Single Footwells Front & Back Single Footwells Front & Back
Surf Start Handle Nose & Tail Nose & Tail
Extras Water Bottle Bungees Front & Back Water Bottle Bungees Front & Back
Base Pricing $4500 $3100
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