Surfski Paddles


The Fenn 1 is a popular mid-sized
Fenn wing paddle.

Fenn 3

The Fenn 3 is one of the most popular wing designs on the market.

Fenn 4

The Fenn 4 is a larger version of the
Fenn 3 wing paddle.

Fenn 5

Fenn Kayaks

The Fenn 5 is the smallest of the Fenn wing blades on the market, perfect for smaller women or youth paddlers.

Orka Flex/Super Flex

Orka Flex and Super Flex Paddles

Beautiful fully adjustable two piece paddles similar in design to Jantex
small and mid paddles

Jantex Gamma Mid

Jantex Gamma Paddle

Made in Slovakia, these paddles are used by the best flatwater, wildwater,
and ski paddlers in the world.

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