#6 Fenn Elite-S here – more coming to PNW next month!


We’re super excited that there are now SIX happy owners of Fenn Elite-S’s in Bellingham with more on the way up to the PNW next month.  No other elite surfski has ‘hit the target’ like the Elite-S; super fast on flats, comfortable in the chop – most importantly – downwind surfing machine!

The Fenn Blue Fin-S and Fenn Swordfish-S have also been hugely popular as we get cracking for another FENN-TASTIC season in the PNW!

Recently some local surfski paddlers did some quick math to check the numbers on $$ value between buying Fenn skis from OPS or jumping the boarder and taking advantage of a weak Canadian dollar from the Vancouver Epic/Think dealer. Here’s how the math came out –


Epic Ultra Construction                                     vs                          Fenn Hybrid Construction

(made in China)                                                                                      (made in Fenn owned/operated shop in SA)

Weight – 26.5 lbs                                                                                   Weight – 26 lbs

$4695 Canadian                                                                                     $3200

Exchange rate currently 0.77                                                            approx shipping to PNW – $200

= $3608 USD                                                                                          = $3400 USD

(their prices are about to go up soon)                                          (we’re holding firm & enjoying bringing the best                                                                                                                    designs/construction to our local ski community)

Please feel free to contact us with any surfski related questions or to set-up a demo paddle.

Hope to see on the water

– DJ



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