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#6 Fenn Elite-S here – more coming to PNW next month!


We’re super excited that there are now SIX happy owners of Fenn Elite-S’s in Bellingham with more on the way up to the PNW next month.  No other elite surfski has ‘hit the target’ like the Elite-S; super fast on flats, comfortable in the chop – most importantly – downwind surfing machine!

The Fenn Blue Fin-S and Fenn Swordfish-S have also been hugely popular as we get cracking for another FENN-TASTIC season in the PNW!

Recently some local surfski paddlers did some quick math to check the numbers on $$ value between buying Fenn skis from OPS or jumping the boarder and taking advantage of a weak Canadian dollar from the Vancouver Epic/Think dealer. Here’s how the math came out –


Epic Ultra Construction                                     vs                          Fenn Hybrid Construction

(made in China)                                                                                      (made in Fenn owned/operated shop in SA)

Weight – 26.5 lbs                                                                                   Weight – 26 lbs

$4695 Canadian                                                                                     $3200

Exchange rate currently 0.77                                                            approx shipping to PNW – $200

= $3608 USD                                                                                          = $3400 USD

(their prices are about to go up soon)                                          (we’re holding firm & enjoying bringing the best                                                                                                                    designs/construction to our local ski community)

Please feel free to contact us with any surfski related questions or to set-up a demo paddle.

Hope to see on the water

– DJ



2016 Early Season Ocean Paddlesports/ Fenn Update

Ocean Paddlesports

Big thanks to local paddlers for your continued support of our quality surfskis.  We work hard to bring you the best surfskis & we are very excited about another amazing season in the PNW!

As many of you know, Fenn continues to expand their product line, here’s five favorite designs worth considering as the season heats up;

 Fenn Kayaks


Latest elite boat from Fenn that won top marks on the international circuit last year, including being paddled by Cory Hill for his wins in the 2015 Molokai and 2015 Surfski World Championships.  More importantly, its won acclaim from many local paddlers who have found it to be an amazingly stable downwind machine.  It’s a downwind race design, but has retained quick flatwater speeds and increased stability.  We have a demo boat in town which is available for you to find out why so many paddlers are making the switch the to Elite S!

  1. NEW Blue Fin S

Same top selling entry-level ski just got better.  New carry handles on the bow, stern and side were added for your carrying comfort.  This is the stable platform which newcomers to the sport need, plus it’s a ‘just add wind & water’ downwind machine!  This is the ultimate new design that allows novice paddlers to chase the downwind, feel confident in chop, and a stable platform to learn proper technique.

  1. NEW Elite Double S

You know it’s good when several top paddlers from other manufactures say “I shouldn’t say this, but the new S double is amazing”.  Redesigned hull, cockpit cut-outs for improved paddle entry, and rudder moved forward for better grip while surfing are some of the reasons why this double has set the standard as the premier double ski.

  1. Elite Spark

We’ve said it before, if you’re a light-mid weight person, why paddle the same design as someone 50-100 lbs heavier?  Doesn’t make sense to float with most of the hull out of the water.  This is truly the only elite on the market for smaller folks.  Burns up the flats, zips downwind, at home in mixed conditions.  Plenty of local paddlers have become believers…

     5. NEW Swordfish -S

The top selling ‘all-around’ ski just got better!  The ultimate crossover ski at 20’long by 18″ wide, it’s by far what most ski paddlers need to be paddling!  The primary differences to the previous model includes;
Seat is a new shape, a more fitted and comfortable design
The hump has been reduced allowing for greater leg drive
The footwell is lower and the foot plate is further angled towards the paddler
New leg leash attachment point near the base of the footwell
Rudder has been moved forward on the ski.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the Ocean Paddlesports products.  We are excited to bring Fenn surfskis to our local PNW paddling community.  Demo days throughout the season will be posted, and like always, please feel free to contact us to set up an individual demo.  Please check out for the newest products and deals.

Current Bham Surfski Inventory Includes-

–       Fenn Elite –S

–       Fenn Swordfish –S

–       Fenn Elite Glide

–       Fenn Elite Spark

–       Fenn Elite

–       Fenn Blue-Fin

Plus much more, including Vaikobi PFD’s & Fenn Paddles!

Feel free to give me a shout and look forward to seeing you on the water!