Ocean Paddlesports Bellingham DEALS!!!

Fenn Kayaks

Quick heads-up on some OPS deals we currently have in Bellingham.  We’re super excited to help make 2016 your best paddling season ever & have a couple incredible bargains just in time for the Holidays!

–       Fenn Elite Double – $2000


Lightly used, vac glass, great condition –we’re giving it away at this price! Won’t find a better deal than this!!!

–       Fenn Carbon Elite – $2800


Another lightly used ski at a reduced price point.  This is the same design/lay-up that Jasper Mocke won Mauritus Ocean Classic in 2014, he was 6th in a super light V-14 this year.  Needless to say – still a GREAT downwind design!

–  Fenn Glass XT – $1500


This ski has probably been in the water about a dozen times.  The XT continues to be a top selling beginner/intermediate ski.  You could spend x2-3 more on similar ski….. but why?

–       Feather K1 Trainers – $2000

Probably one of the coolest boats to hit the market.  They’re a cross between a ski & K1 – perfect for giving you a wintertime challenge and improving your balance & technique! Talk about the ultimate dark horse secret training weapon!

PLUS, we all a full line of FENN/OPS demo boats located in Bellingham for your paddling pleasure.


–       Elite-S –  Cory Hill has basically dominated everything downwind in this design.  An amazingly stable top elite design – rumor has is that owners of other ski companies have gone downunder to give it a try – it’s that good!  This design makes the average working stiff a downwind legend  !

–       Elite Glide – boat of choice for Austin Kieffer as he keeps dominating the North American racing scene.  This boat does everything well and continues to be a top seller in the PNW.

–       Elite Spark – the ONLY small person (i.e. under 170lb) elite ski on the market.  Michael Booth has established himself as one of the all around top racers in this ski over the past two years.  Paddling a boat which fits only makes sense – that’s why there are so many happy Spark paddlers in the PNW – plus it’s an absolute downwind racecar.

–       Swordfish-S – The original Swordfish was our best selling design ski in the PNW, and now the new Swordfish-S is poised to do the same. Fenn has improved the hull, changed the volume distribution, and played around with seat & rudder placement for this new design.  We’re definitely going to see a lot of happy local paddlers in this new design.

Plus, we have the last shipment of the yellow Vaikobi lifejackets priced at $100 – seriously a great deal for an amazingly product.

**AND, buy any boat between now and the New Year and we’ll toss in a free Vaikobi lifejacket to help you look good in your new ride!

Also, we have a box of Mocke Quick Release Leashes – a must for every ski paddler – only $20.  Even if you don’t like your paddling buddies, buy ‘em a leash for the holidays!!


It has been a pleasure bringing the best surfski products to the PNW.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime for more info on any of these deals or to set-up a demo opportunity.

See you on the water-



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