Summer 2015 – Update by Austin Kieffer

Summer 2015!


The summer racing season is finally here! And this year, everyone is talking about the Gorge Downwind Festival (GDWF). The inaugural week of surfing, racing, and socializing will be the event of the summer, drawing an impressive host of domestic and international athletes the world over. As for racing, the iconic Wild Side Relay will be paired with a downwind singles race so ideal that it has been added to the 2015 Surfski World Series.

Here is a little video I made to promote the GDWF!

 For me the Gorge has been a huge motivator for training. This year, my season hasn’t been optimal, four months out of the boat due to work and a brutal Idaho winter certainly wasn’t ideal summer preparation. But no matter how fit you are, it’s hard not to be fired up about downwind racing!  While I may not physically be where I was last year, I still have the best gear in the industry. Thanks to Ocean Paddlesports, I am equipped to make the most of every session on the waves.  As for what boat to paddle, Fenn Surfskies are the obvious choice for a summer focused on enjoying waves and kicking butt in one of the best downwind races of the year.


 The entire Fenn line-up is downwind oriented. From the stable beginner Blue Fin, to the intermediate Swordfish, to the elite line of Fenn boats (including the SL, the Spark [for lighter athletes], the Glide [my boat of choice], and the NEW S! [the boat that won last year’s Perth Doctor and Peter Marlin, and just took gold in the 2015 Molokai Challenge]), every Fenn is designed to harness the power of the water and make it easier to ride runs effectively. Fenn surfskies allow you to surf longer, go faster, and ultimately enjoy your downwind paddling experience more than any other brand.

Ocean Paddlesports stocks the entire line of Fenn surfskies and will be out in force at the GDWF, but get your order in soon before boats run out!! OPS also carries the Jantex range, paddles known for being light weight, incredibly durable, and synonymous with superior quality.Finally, Ocean Paddlesports carries Vaikobi Performace Apparel. This new Australian company is making a huge splash in ocean racing world. If you are looking for high quality gear designed to help, “unleash the athlete in you,” then contact DJ or Ocean Paddlesports to outfit yourself today!


It’s going to be quite a summer and Ocean Paddlesports has everything you need to make it incredible. Surf, smile, enjoy the summer, and I will see you on the water in Hood River!


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