FENN Demos

Hello All;
Quick heads-up that Ocean Paddlesports has a full line of FENN surfskis in Bellingham for demo as we get ready for another amazing paddling season.  Like always, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a demo opportunity. We currently have basically every current Fenn design in stock, including;
Elite-S – ask Steve how much he likes this design!  In a nutshell – made to go fast/super stable in the big stuff!  Several paddlers have already been out in the demo & love it – try it & find out why!!!
Blue-Fin – they’re back, definitely ‘THE’ stable entry level ski.  Amazingly safe & stable in the bumps, super fun going downwind.  We have trouble keeping ’em in stock because people love the design!!
Spark – my favorite ‘small person’ elite race boat.  Why push around extra volume when you an zip around in a Spark!  Seems like I can’t get on the water these days without crossing paths with another Spark…
Glide – Austin’s ski of choice & I can’t keep up going downwind with Simon in his Glide.  I hope other fast ski paddlers don’t discover this design so I have a chance….
PLUS… Swordfish, XT, Elite SL’s, Fenn Paddles, Gara Paddles, Mocke Gear and more……
If you haven’t already, I’d be happy to give you the opportunity to test drive any of the FENN surfskis so that you can see for yourself why ski paddlers worldwide love the innovative designs and top quality construction of FENN.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me to set-up a private demo session.

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