THE 5 CAPES Expedition – The Ultimate Trip of a Lifetime!!!!


 Hello PNW Paddlers!

Dawid and I are running our 5 Capes Expedition again next year and we would appreciate it if you can pass this email on to ski paddlers that might be interested!

The goal of the expedition is to paddle around the five major ‘capes’ or points of the southern coast of South Africa between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Also we do as many millers runs and downwinds as we can when the wind allows.




It’s a 10 day ALL INCLUSIVE expedition. That means that all equipment, hotels, food and drinks are included. It’s 10 days worth of paddling adventures, coaching, millers runs, downwinds and more awesome places to paddle. It’s a small group, 6 max, and we run the whole 10 days ourselves.

Read the write up of last years trip here:

(I must mention that all of last years participants are returning this year!)

This year we will do two trips. What really works well is if a group of people who know each come together. That really adds a lot of value. (Ie A whole group of Bellingham guys). We would like to keep it to 6, nice and personal. As the first trip is already sold out we would like to get a group for the second trip.



Check in:  Port Elizabeth

                 Sunday 22 March 2015

Check out: Cape Town

                  Wednesday 1 April 2015


ZAR 37,000 (about USD 3,500 based on today’s exchange rate). – just note that the price will stay quoted in ZAR.

This includes all accommodation, food, drinks, ski’s and paddling. Beside this all you need to do is book your own flights.

Interested/Questions? Please contact me directly at

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