Hey Bellingham Surfskiers!


I am very pleased to say that I am coming back to Bellingham (my surfski roots) and I can’t wait to get the chance to paddle alongside the Bellingham crew once more. I will be racing in the Dan Harris Challenge, Lake Whatcom Race, and of course, I will be attending the Wednesday night race (where reputations are forged and shattered and pain is but a pastime).

I also wanted to announce that I will be doing a few paddling clinics for anyone who is interested. I have spent a lot of time, effort, and thought learning from the best and developing my stroke, training, and understanding of the sport.

I know a lot of you may be skeptical about improving flatwater stroke, but it is essential for any significant improvement. Just ask DJ about our whitewater days. In whitewater slalom we, along with the best whitewater racers in the world, would spend the first few months of EVERY year going back to the basics to tweak/improve our stroke (essentially, the foundation upon what your season is built).

The same is true for sprint national teams the world over. Even the best internationals refine and perfect their stroke every season. Therefore, in a sport like Surfski, where you don’t just paddle for 1000 meters in a race, but for tens of 1000s of meters, having the best flatwater stroke possible is paramount!

As for my flatwater stroke, I spent all of January, February, and March after returning from my South African surfski bonanza picking my stroke apart as I gear up for this season. If you are interested in benefiting from my experience, research, and training, then please attend one of my clinics.



Clinic Dates & Times

Saturday April 26th

Morning and Afternoon Session


Sunday April 27th

Afternoon Session – After Dirty Dan race


Friday May 2nd

Morning and Afternoon Sessions


Saturday May 3rd

Afternoon Session – After Lake Whatcom Race


Sessions will be limited to four paddlers. Please email DJ if you are interested in this coaching opportunity. I’m asking for a $30 donation for the coaching to help fund my next trip to South Africa to train and race in Fish Hoek next fall.



Please contact DJ at DNJ79@hotmail.com for more info and to sign-up for this coaching opportunity. He will work with all interested individuals to help arrange groups that will benefit all involved and set times/venue that work best for each clinic.


I look forward to seeing all of you & happy training!

– Austin

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