Want Surfski Training Input/Coaching?

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Hey Pacific Northwest Surfski Paddlers!

After my 7-week training camp in South Africa, I am so fired up about the 2014 season and about surfski in general. I’ve been thinking a lot about training and racing over this past year and what it takes to train optimally for a sport like surfski. How do you approach an event, which looks like a strait forward endurance event on paper, but requires speed and accelerations bursts throughout? You need endurance to paddle hard for the whole race, balance, technique, and experience to handle the ocean, and the ability to accelerate during a race to take advantage of waves and drafting opportunities.

While I was in South Africa and throughout the past two years, I have had long conversations with everyone I could. Picking their brains about training, racing, and what surfski requires of them specifically.  I came into this sport with an extensive training background in whitewater slalom and over the past two years of inquiring, exploring, and experimenting, and after this trip to SA, I feel like I have the experience and information needed to develop an ideal training plan and make 2014 my best year yet.

If anyone is interested, I have also started to develop an archetype training program, distilling what I think are the most fundamental element of my training plan. Given the specifics of your goals, your personal training measurements, and regular updates via email, I believe I can help optimize your training and share my training research with you.

I am seriously pursuing surfski racing this year. My big goals are top American at US Surfski Champs in San Fran and return to SA for the Cape Point Challenge and improve on my result from 2013. I am excited about the sport and eager to share my passion and expertise. Please contact me if you are interested in receiving a training program and weekly training check-ins. The programs and coaching will be donation based and all coaching funds will go directly towards training & race expenses.  Please donate if you feel the help you are receiving is worthwhile – I would like to have the opportunity to help improve your ‘A-game’!

If you want a training schedule, please send me a set of information to help me personalize and trailer your training program.
•    What is your next major race you would like to train for
•    How long will this race take you to complete (Ideally)
•    What is your maximum paddling heart rate
•    When is your goal race
•    What will the conditions (or most likely conditions) be for your ideal race
•    How many times will you be able to paddle a week (including erg time, if you have one)
•    What is your main technical focus or element of your paddling that you would like to work on this year.

I would like to personalize every training program and keep up with you weekly via email. If you have time, I would like to hear from you once a week at the end of your training. Updating me on how you felt in your workouts, what went well in your training, and any concerns you may have about the program or workouts specifically.  Also, I plan on making trip to Bellingham throughout the year to paddle and race with the PNW crew & hope to be able run some surfski specific clinics during these trips.

Please feel free to contact me with any training or surfski related questions and hope you are having a blast on the water!

Austin Kieffer


or please contact me through FACEBOOK

For your viewing pleasure –

Picture 1

Below: Example of Training PlanPicture 2Below: Consider these tips for your next structured warm-up

Picture 3

WANT MORE? – Please feel free to contact me!

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