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Try it to believe it……

It’s been fun jumping in the new Fenn Spark & Glide and I’ve been blown away by their performance as elite surfskis, but another new Fenn design has been getting rave reviews….

Fenn Blue Fin

Yes, I’ll admit it, my first thought when I got this boat was, ‘oh great, a 20 -some inch barge, get ready for resistance training’.  But, I’m happy to report after putting this boat through the ringer, the Blue Fin design is HOT.  Most importantly, it still feels & paddles like a surfski – and yes, oh so stable and easy to remount.  It has all the Fenn features – quality construction, fully adjustable single carbon foot plate, easy to adjust reliable steering, and the concave deck cut-outs for smooth paddle catch.  This boat is simply beautiful!

The comparison –

Fenn Blue Fin

Length – 19.35 feet

Width – 20.9 inches

Vac Glass – 30lbs – $2500

Vac Hybrid – 25lbs – $2900

Epic V8

Length – 18 feet

Width – 22 inches

Performance – 35lbs – $2695

Ultra – 27.5lbs – $3695

The Deal…

Ocean Paddlesports wants to get this new entry-level design out on the water; it’s no fun surfing wall space when there are waves to chase!

Buy a Vac Hybrid Blue Fin & OPS will kick in a free one piece Fenn Wing Paddle ($275 value) plus a 90-minute flatwater introductory paddling lesson in Bellingham. This deal is for a limited time only, so act quickly!


Call DJ to arrange a demo opportunity – 360.305.9517