Fenn Elite Spark

Review by DeAnne Hemmens – “The BEST boat for me…the Elite Spark”

I haven’t written in such a long time, but mostly for me, there hasn’t been any really exciting news to share until NOW!!! I finally got MY ski from FENN. For years Keith Fenn has heard from me about making a low volume, elite ski..mostly for me (and the other smaller paddlers) in the world that love a fast ski, but lack the bulk and braun to handle the big boats in the ocean, wind and waves.
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Here’s a quick review of what I think of the Spark, 15km today in the flat ocean.
The fit is fantastic..the seat is snug, but not uncomfortable. I paddled without a seat pad and don’t need one to be comfy..I put a Lincke pad in at the end and it works too if you want.

I’m 5’9″, 150lbs. The foot pedals are right in the middle of the track for my size. It fits my friends at 6’2″ and 5’….
The hump is finally a non issue. I can get full leg drive and proper rotation. My feet, size 10, fit perfectly in the footwell and the foot strap can adjust tight against them.

My favorite part about this ski is the narrow catch. It feels like a K1 to me….I didn’t hit the side of the ski once. And when you carry it, it feels like a K1 on your shoulder or it’s skinny enough to wrap your arm around it and when your hands grab the rails,its narrow,not rounded, so you can grip it tight..good for windy days!!

Ok, speed and stablity…this part is so subjective, but I really found it to be quite a bit more stable than my elite…it’s not swordfish stable, but more than one person the other day thought it was. I did not get any wind or waves, but rode some wake, went in the ocean up and around the jetty, in through the surf and had some swirly boat stuff. It’s gift that its doesn’t bob and weave like the elite does when you don’t sink it enough. I can only imagine that it will be easier to control in high wind and big swells.

The ski gets up to sprint (run catching speed) in a few strokes and Rich Sprout got it to 20km/hour the other day in a quick sprint. It moves along well for me at about 12km/hour for an 80% piece…I can’t judge the speed compared to my elite just yet, but its not dragging along..its spirited and feels lively and light..the swordfish is a Cadillac, the SPARK is a Ferrari. (hey Glickman, like my analogies…?)

I’d like to update this information as soon as I take the ski downwind, because really thats what we all want anyway.. but if the ski fits, you are on the right track.

By the way..Hybrid $2900 and it weighs 24.5lbs.
Carbon vacum $3900 and its weighs 21.5 lbs.
Oh and we sold them all already and have ordered another container..Hurry FENN, USA champs is Aug 3-4

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