Mocke Wins Wavechasers Downwinder in a FENN SWORDFISH

Fenn Swordfish

Dawid Mocke started out his stay in San Fransisco on a good note by taking top honors at the Wavechasers Downwinder #4 in a Fenn Swordfish.  A proven downwind machine, the Swordfish is demonstrating that is has the top end speed to stay ahead of the wolfpack in ocean racing conditions.

The Top Ten

1 65 Dawid Mocke OP SK 1:27:11 1st Open Surfski
2 135 Daniel Sanchez Viloria OP SK 1:29:09 2nd Open Surfski
3 142 Robbie Ford OP SK 1:30:50 3rd Open Surfsk
4 148 Robin Graham MS SK 1:31:01 1st Master Surfski
5 99 Franck Fifils OP SK 1:31:46
6 196 Patrick Switzer OP SK 1:31:48
7 257 Patrick Hemmens MS SK 1:33:17 2nd Master Surfski
8 132 Dave Jensen MS SK 1:33:57 3rd Master Surfski
9 134 Ian Mercer MS SK 1:34:03
10 138 John Sokolich MS SK 1:34:50
Please feel free to contact OPS to arrange a demo of the full Fenn line-up and check out their their demo booth this Friday prior to US Champs at the Shorebird Park, Berkeley Marina.  Full line of

OPS products is available for demo anytime in Bellingham, please feel free to contact DJ to arrange a demo session at 360.305.9517

Good luck to all racers at US Champs!

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