Daily Archives: July 26, 2012

The Young Dark Knight

I wondered why I couldn’t hold onto my paddle at the end of the downwinder on our 8th day of paddling at the Gorge, then a little finger math answered the fatigue question.  Fourteen hard paddling sessions at ‘Austin speed’ in the first week had left me wrecked.  At the beginning of the week I could count on putting the hurt on him in the bigger downwind surf legs, but once he discovered to surf instead of going up & over everything, he started becoming a dot in the distance.  The only solace I discovered after Austin learned to surf was as good of a paddler he is does not in anyway correlate to his running ability (ie lack of).  Sweet, polite, well spoken Austin becomes a sweaty, cursing, raving maniac during any uphill portions on morning jogs.  Needless to say, our runs somehow added more uphill segments as a little out of the boat sweet revenge.