FENN ELITE SL – just a taste

Gabe picked up his Fenn SL the afternoon before S2S, hammered upwind in the race the following day to win the ‘Top Gun’ position & has been putting the boat through its paces since then.  Gabe has been enjoying fine tuning this top of the line racing machine as he prepares for US Champs in early August.  Plenty of SL’s in stock in California and Washington & demos are always available to give this new machine a spin!
Notes on the SL
Background:  I paddled the Elite and Swordfish in South Africa, and my most ecstatic paddle to date was paddling Rob’s Swordfish on a big day at the Miller’s Run with a larger surf rudder.  I could surf any direction at will, without a care in the world!
The SL has the same “surfs like a dream” technology, but can catch even faster waves, and gives up less on the flat.  I’ve heard some say that the SL is more twitchy than the Elite, but I find them equally as stable.  They have a different feeling in initial stability, but once you become familiar with the SL, I find it just as solid.  I really like the narrow catch on the SL, making it that much easier to apply power.  The bow is narrower and thus sits a little deeper in the water, which helps it track quite well in side chop and upwind scenarios.   I’ve had it down in the Gorge twice now, and it’s been great with a Kiesling Surf Rudder strapped on.  I find the seat comfortable, with no ergonomic issues.  The hump between the seat and footwell is lower, which feels better ergonomically, but means you get that cold shot if you’re not dressed right for the water temps!  Serves me right.  All in all, a great boat and I can’t wait to paddle it under the Golden Gate!

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