Interval Option for a Windy Day

Feels like winter is back this week (seriously -it’s June!), but luckily along with the cooler temperature are some good winds. When possible, I try to clear my calendar when we have good local waves, but I’ve been enjoying an interval workout on gusty days when I’m not able to hit the bay.  Today was a fairly gusty day, and after the rest of the Thursday Island Workout crew bailed I headed to the lake for a shorter interval session in side chop/rebound conditions.  I discovered this winter, when it’s a strong southerly, that there is quality rebound/slop along the last half mile section of the Wednesday night race course.  Typically I start near the finish buoy, get a little surf to the final race turn,  hang a sharp right into a couple minutes of side slop, then cut left and finish next to the ‘threading the needle pier’.  Usually rest for about 60-90 seconds and do the same course in reverse.  The first 3-4 intervals are fairly easy, the last 3-4  get a lot harder in the slop once the body starts hurting – usually I aim for at least eight intervals which make the total workout with warm-up/cool-down  just over an hour.  Today I had a very high brace on the last interval and was ready for my first swim on Lake Whatcom, luckily the brace kept me upright and I was able to complete the session up right.   I recommend this workout to all ski paddlers when time does not permit for a bay session or when the gusts are making the fun factor marginal  out on the bay.  I did this session on some of the coldest winter days and feel it’s a good way to get a quality interval workout in mixed conditions.

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