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Gabe Getting Ready For Molokai



3:21:32 SS-2 Greg Barton Barton Zsolt Svadovski Usa Men-Surfski Doubles 3:21:32
3:24:07 Surfski Oscar Chalupsky South Africa M-MASTER 40-49 Surfski 3:24:07
3:24:26 Surfski Clint Robinson Australia M-30-39 Surfski 3:24:26
3:25:42 Surfski Patrick Dolan Hawai’i M-18-29 SURFSKI 3:25:42
3:26:32 Surfski Dean Gardiner Aust M-MASTER 40-49 Surfski 3:26:32
3:27:04 Surfski Bruce Taylor Australia M-30-39 Surfski 3:27:04
3:27:33 Surfski Martin Kenny Australia M-MASTER 40-49 Surfski 3:27:33
3:29:04 Surfski Matthew Bouman South Africa M-30-39 Surfski 3:29:04
3:31:55 Surfski Kurt Tutt Australia M-30-39 Surfski 3:31:55
3:34:34 SS-2 Patrick Hemme Hemmens Sean Lupton-Smith Usa Men-Surfski Doubles 3:34:34
3:38:24 Surfski Michael Booth Australia M-18-29 Surfski 3:38:24
3:40:27 Surfski Tim Altman Australia M-MASTER 40-49 Surfski 3:40:27
3:42:24 Surfski Damien Daley Australia M-30-39 Surfski 3:42:24
3:43:25 Surfski Michael Locke Aust M-MASTER 40-49 Surfski 3:43:25
3:45:33 SS-2 Mark Ressel Tris Turner Great Britain Men-Surfski Doubles 3:45:33
3:46:18 Surfski Steve Coulter Australia M-MASTER 40-49 Surfski 3:46:18
3:46:37 Surfski Danny Topfer Australia M-MASTER 40-49 Surfski 3:46:37
3:46:52 Surfski Michael Beyer Hawai’i M-30-39 Surfski 3:46:52
3:48:13 Surfski Matthew Ogarey Australia M-30-39 Surfski 3:48:13
3:50:07 Surfski Kala Judd Hawai’i M-SR. MASTER 50-59 Surfski 3:50:07
3:50:16 Surfski Robert Barry Australia M-SR. MASTER 50-59 Surfski 3:50:16
3:52:12 Surfski Gabe Newton Usa M-30-39 Surfski 3:52:12
3:53:13 Surfski Bruce Dunlop Australia M-SR. MASTER 50-59 SURFSKI 3:53:13
3:53:39 Surfski Stewart O’Regan Australia M-30-39 Surfski 3:53:39
3:54:03 Surfski Jett Kenny Australia M-18-29 Surfski 3:54:03

Gabe Newton – TEAM FENN

Fenn Kayaks

Ocean Paddlesports is pleased to announce that Gabe Newton has become a Fenn supported surfski racer. Gabe will kick-off this new chapter in his racing career this weekend by racing his first Molokai World Championships in a Fenn Elite.  Gabe spent several weeks this winter in South Africa training with some of the top racers in the sport and was able to test the full line-up of Fenn surfski in downwind & open ocean conditions.  He was impressed with the performance of the Fenn Swordfish in downwind conditions and the overall top performance of the Fenn Elite & Fenn Elite SL as top-end performance driven machines.  Gabe, still a relative newcomer to the sport of surfski, comes from a long background of whitewater and competitive freestyle kayaking.  He had a break through season last year and was able to demonstrate his speed both on flat as well as downwind condition and he is primed this year to make the next jump onto the international surfski circuit.  We look forward to having such a strong ambassador of the sport on Team Fenn and have his Carbon Fenn Elite SL awaiting his return from Hawaii.

New OPS Shipment Just Arrived!

We just unloaded the newest shipment of Ocean Paddlesports boats to hit the PNW!

Local ski paddlers have been blown away by the quality construction and cutting edge designs!

The Fenn Swordfish have been selling like wildfire and paddlers are appreciating the comfortable ride, stable platform, and top end speed in rough downwind conditions.

The Fenn Elite SL has had a wave of top paddlers make the switch – fast in the flat, comfortable in the slop, untouchable going downwind.  Local surfski gun Gabe Newton just made the switch – watch out!!!!

Full stock of paddles, leashes, Mocke books & other goodies.

Give me a shout for more info or to arrange a demo paddle!

See you on the water,