New Container Just Arrived

Ocean Paddlesports is pleased to announce the arrival of the second container of the year loaded with Fenn surfskis.  We have a trailer heading north next week to accommodate all your spring surfski needs,  All designs are in stock, including;

Fenn Swordfish – proven surfing machine, it’s what I’ve been sporting all winter in the big blow days.  I had an epic big wave/ mixed choppy paddle two weeks ago at the Gorge and the boat performed like a champ.  Fast on the flatwater, maybe only about 20-30 seconds slower than my Elite on the Wednesday night race course.  Can’t drive around town without spotting one!

Fenn XT – proven reliable boat, single footwell with the seat moved up last year for improved surfing performance.  This boat gives beginner ski paddlers the stable platform to chase waves and more experienced paddlers the confidence to keep paddling well in big conditions.

Fenn SL Elite – Simon has been all smiles as he’s been enjoying putting the SL through its paces – his boat is plastered with ‘Relax’ stickers – the waves must be getting tired of his shredding skills.  The redistribution and added volume behind the seat allows the boat to easily pick-up runs, stability is very good in chop and straight line speed is second to none.  Hey, Jasper in an SL has been picking off his older brother Dawid who’s been sticking to the proven performance of an Elite – maybe it’s a changing of the guard, maybe it’s an SL?!

Fenn Elite Double Ski – proven top performer in all conditions.  It’s still the benchmark for double skis – excels in downwind conditions, corners like a champ for those tight lake turns, and super comfortable for those long hot slogs.  Like all Fenn boats, build to last (look how much abuse the club double has taken) at the Fenn owned & operated factory in South Africa.

New Fenn Spec Ski – this design has been making big waves in the lifesaving ski community.  Great for crashing through break and shredding back in, speedo sold separately.  Jasper Mocke just took top honors riding a Fenn Spec Ski at 2012 SA Lifesaving Ski Championships.

Also, currently in stock in Bellingham (ie pay no shipping, pick-up & go paddling today!)

* Vac Carbon Fenn Swordfish – 24 lbs

* Vac Glass Fenn Swordfish – 30-31 lbs

* Vac Glass Fenn XT – 30-31 lbs

Please contact me or Ocean Paddlesports with questions or to set up a demo of any of the Fenn line-up.  We have had an incredible amount of positive feedback from happy customs from the last shipment and look forward to continuing to bring proven designs coupled with quality construction to the PNW surfski community.

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