Early Season Gorge! Better then Hawaii?


Wild and windy at Swell City

We thought we might be pulling the trigger a little early this year with sneaking out of town for a quick four day gorge trip and were prepared to be content with hammering out some flatwater distance, chasing the Sternwheeler, checking out the Stergeon at the dam, and doing all the hiking we never get to doing during the windy summer months, but then the wind started blowing. Day one gave us east winds with some warm up mini-waves to surf after paddling upwind for an hour. Day two, today, west winds were 15-25mph with strong gusts and big erratic waves. The surfing was not the glassy smooth giants of the summer with more chop and less uniformity to

the waves,  but there were some big rides out there for sure.  The 45 degree water temp felt refreshing though I don’t know if swimming would be a good idea this time of year. For today’s run from Draino to the Hatchery,  I’d give the waves a strong 8/10 on the DJ surf ‘o meter.  Fenn Swordfish was the boat of choice on the water, great speed, stability, and overall solid performance in the 6-8 ft mixed conditions.  Local kiters have their fingers crossed that the summer will be a repeat of last year with above average snowmelt headed towards the Columbia River. Licking our chops to come back when it’s windy and warm in July, but thinking we need to squeeze in a July high water trip..  Looks to be another epic season at the Gorge!  Sounds like there will be a good crew setting up shop and chasing waves at the Gorge during July leading up to the #1 surfing race in America – THE WILDSIDE!

Spring surfing @ Swell City

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