Still Winter in the PNW


Dawn patrol at the base of Mt Shuksan

Just getting over a couple days of the ‘man flu’ and trying to break away from the couch.  After Hawaii I was ready for some warm(ish) weather, but have come to realize that winter is still here to stay for awhile longer.  On the upside though, we’re breaking into 50 degree weather more frequently & the hours of daylight are getting noticeable longer.

But, where else can you do a dawn patrol snowshoe run at the base of Mt. Shuksan, track some AM turns at Mt Baker, and hit the bay in the afternoon for some waves?  Looking forward to mixing the paddling grind up this spring with snow ski and paddling trips in search for new downwind runs.

Great to see all the new Swordfish in town! We have a custom t-shirt in the works for all the happy Swordfish paddlers to style, more to come…..

Have a couple demo’s in the works seeing the inbox has been full with requests to jump in the new line-up.  We’ll have the flotilla at the Bellingham Rough Water Classic this Saturday and will be getting folks into the boats after the race.  Drop me a line if you want to give one of our boats a spin!

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