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Ache On The Lake – Interval Update – Eastern Euro Beast!

Ludo the Beast

Week one of Sunday intervals went great.  We had a good spectrum of boats & paddlers participate with special guest Ludo Tatos make an appearance to keep the workout honest.  For the first week’s workout we did 6 x 5 min on with recovery time starting at 5 min and decreasing each set. Looks like we will see a little volume added and continued varied recovery time to help building overall volume while keeping quality.  Too far out to say if the next storm cycle will bring waves, but same place & time unless it’s gusting for a downwinder! See you Sunday at noon, Bloedel

DJ, Vanessa, Ludo


Starting Gun

The local guns - keeping the workout a 'contact sport'

Selling Out – Whitewater Kayak Deal of a Lifetime


I’ve concluded that my whitewater kayaks are officially on ‘dust collector status’ and it’s time to trim the flotilla.

Here’s the deal; Three whitewater kayaks plus a Werner paddle, Astral lifejacket and sprayskirt


#1.  Liquidlogic Little Joe – Great river runner and surfing machine.  A good beginner boat and fast & responsive for all levels of whitewater paddlers.  Used less than 20 times, it GREAT SHAPE!

#2. Liquidlogic Gus – Super responsive creek boat, fast!  This boat shines in the steeps and big water situations.  Used, but not used up!

#3.  Wavesport ZG 48 – Playboat perfect for waves, holes and everything in between.

BOATS AND GEAR SOLD AS ONE PACKAGE! ONLY $700 (one new whitewater costs hundreds more than this – you get three boats and some extras:)

Please contact DJ if interested; 360.305.9517


Ache on the lake (Sunday intervals) are back for good this time starting this Sunday.
When: Sundays, on the water at noon sharp.
Location: Bloedel- repeats on first turn section of the Wednesday race course.
What: Intervals that all open to all types and speeds of paddlers. A great introduction to interval training and an opportunity to have a competitive workout in a low key environment & became a faster, fitter and more efficient paddler. This week will consist of 6x 5min intervals with varied rest time.

Looks like this weekend will be nice & sunny with minimal/no wind on Sunday. We will add volume onto the sessions as the season progresses, so get in early!

Still Winter in the PNW


Dawn patrol at the base of Mt Shuksan

Just getting over a couple days of the ‘man flu’ and trying to break away from the couch.  After Hawaii I was ready for some warm(ish) weather, but have come to realize that winter is still here to stay for awhile longer.  On the upside though, we’re breaking into 50 degree weather more frequently & the hours of daylight are getting noticeable longer.

But, where else can you do a dawn patrol snowshoe run at the base of Mt. Shuksan, track some AM turns at Mt Baker, and hit the bay in the afternoon for some waves?  Looking forward to mixing the paddling grind up this spring with snow ski and paddling trips in search for new downwind runs.

Great to see all the new Swordfish in town! We have a custom t-shirt in the works for all the happy Swordfish paddlers to style, more to come…..

Have a couple demo’s in the works seeing the inbox has been full with requests to jump in the new line-up.  We’ll have the flotilla at the Bellingham Rough Water Classic this Saturday and will be getting folks into the boats after the race.  Drop me a line if you want to give one of our boats a spin!