Winter Training Grind

Winter thus far in the Pacific Northwest has been a mixed bag, but all things considering (especially with the predicted La Nina weather pattern) it’s been a great fall and winter of paddling.  Our coldest weather has barely been poggie worthy and the wind has been blowing enough to provide for some great surfing conditions. We’ve had some blustery days in the past few weeks that make getting out on the bay a challenge (see image below)

Screen cap from Wind gusts jumped from 7mph to 43 mph between 12pm & 1pm and peaked at 61 mph at 1:40pm.

but overall we’ve had a moderate winter with good surfing conditions.  Mt Baker is breaking out of its December dry spell after the opening two weeks of the season provided for great snow conditions.

Last winter had some cold snaps that were hard to train on the water through, but I was able to consistently stick to a 3X3 training schedule.  The 3X3 consisted of 3 paddles/ 3 gym sessions/ three runs or snow skis per week.  I more or less followed this pattern from October through February during the off-season last winter, then increased paddling volume in March.

This year I’ve had a great off season thus far and increased the volume a bit from last year.  I’ve spent about half of my on the water time in the K-1 and have been focusing on some technique and strength improvements while on the water.  Since October I’ve been feeling good with a routine of 4 paddles/ 4 gym sessions/ 2-3 run or snow skis per week.  I’ve been cautiously mixing more power lifting into the gym and targeting increased core strength routines. I’m looking forward to another two weeks of this cycle leading up to the much anticipated trip to Hawaii.

Some highlights of the rest of the winter will include spending ten days in Kaua’i chasing waves and enjoying a sun vacation.  We’re hooking up with Dylan Thomas ( for boats & local beta and looking forward to chasing some winter swell.  Also looking forward to competing in a Wavechasers race in San Francisco during a long weekend of paddling in the bay area in February.

I have been switching between the Fenn SL, Elite and Swordfish during the last couple months.  I continue to be very impressed with the SL and Swordfish in our mixed winter conditions.  I’m hard pressed to think I’d be faster in anything other than the Swordfish on gusty days.  Seems like the Fish is super responsive in downwinders and still has the ability to get up and over waves.  This boat still impresses me after five months of putting it through its’ paces.

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