Fenn Slim Line Paint Job

Fenn SL paint job

New RACING Machine

I broke my new Fenn Elite Slim Line about 3 weeks ago during an interval workout.  I’ve been super impressed with the performance of the boat, especially in mixed downwind conditions.  The feedback that I’ve been getting back on the boat is it more stable the Elite in mixed conditions and has improved reaction time in downwind conditions.  Super fast on the flat, I’ve been able to maintain 8.8 mph on flat 2-4 minute intervals with a little hurt factor.

Well, it was during one of the threshold workouts I slammed the rudder into a deadhead hidden just below the surface the water while trying to hang-on to the end of the interval.  Sounded like the back five feet of boat were ripped off, but amazingly I lucked out with only a bent rudder and a four inch crack in the tail.  Breaking a new boat always hurts, but Iwas delighted with the minimal damage & after going back and seeing what I thought I hit was a wooden deadhead turned out to be a rusted metal bar which had come into play with the recent drop in the lake level.

I took the boat the our local repair wizard, Sterling Donalson (www.sterlingskayak.com), and he made short work of the repair.  I also got the tail of the boat tipped so next year I’ll stand out a bit in the Rambo-US Champs video in the sea of Ocean Paddlesport Fenn boats.  As a manufacture of high end sea kayaks, Sterling is not shy to tell you his opinion on the quality of boat you bring in for repairs.  When Sterling commented that he was impressed on the construction the durability of the Fenn SL, he was giving a big compliment to all who work hard to make Fenn boats bomber strong!  Thanks for neon ‘safety orange’ paint job on the SL!

Thank you Keith Fenn, Thank you Sterling!

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