Monthly Archives: September 2011

Swell City Footage

Here’s some unedited footage from a run through Swell City in the Columbia Gorge this past July in my Fenn Elite.

Lummi Island Paddle

Took advantage of the great weather today in the Pacific Northwest and paddled the club double around Lummi Island with Kristen. We left from Marine Park at 9:45 am and took the long way around Eliza Island. Once in the channel, the winds picked up and we fought a headwind for a while. East side of Lummi was calm with a nice current. Back in Bellingham Bay the winds picked up again and we had to add a little extra distance at the end fighting NW wind across the bay. Overall, conditions were generally favorable with only a slight headwind in the west side of the island that had us going around 5 mph for about an hour or so. On the east side the current pushed us right along at a nice clip, hitting 9.0 at one point but generally between 7.5 to 8.5 mph. Amazingly, we didn’t see any other kayakers out other then when we were putting in and taking out.

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The Wedge 9-1-11


Patrick Hemmens sent me a photo after a paddle with Rich Sprout at the Wedge in SoCal yesterday.

Patrick titled the picture “Rich scrambling in his Elite trying not to die”  Seeing they are laughing about it now appears he stayed ahead of the beast. Photo credit : Liz Reichenstein