Wavechaser Ft Baker to Berkeley Race Report

DJ racing the new Fenn Swordfish

Yesterday was the Wavechaser’s warm-up race from Fort Baker to the Berkeley Marina prior to US Champs next weekend. International paddlers Dawid Mocke and Barry Lewin raced as ringers from SA as warm-up for US Champs. Local paddles Carter and Robin teamed up in a double to prepare for next weeks doubles race and DeAnne & Patrick Hemmens made the trip up to represent their new skis. Yesterday was the first ski race for Austin Kieffer after a week of double workout training sessions in Bellingham,WA.

There was a significant race delay due to low wind conditions, and though the the nervous prerace tension increased during the delay period, the wind remained weak at 11 mph. At 3pm the race started and the race was off with quality bumper boats as paddlers sprinted under the Golden Gate and up to the first turn point. With minutes of the start, the double team of Carter/ Robin and Mocke & Lewin in singles split from the rest of the wolf pack with Patrick Hemmens hot on their heals. The downwind portion of the race consisted of long 3 footers with a bit of San Francisco Bay slop, barge traffic, and threading the needle between sail boats which were clustered between Angel Island and Berkeley. All is all, the conditions for the bay was a two on the scale of ten, but hopefully mother nature was taking the day off and will wake-up less hungover next weekend and unleash her furry for US Champs.

Brief Race results…

Dawid Mocke. 1st Place Finish

1.Dawid Mocke – 1:16:20 – Fenn Elite – though it’s questionable how hard he was racing (he was seen taking pictures with his paddle on his lap on the long runners), Dawid set the standard that he’s the man to beat, but we all know that already.
2.Carter/Robin – 1:16:30 – Fenn Elite Double – the local doubles team to beat just on the heals of Mocke, a team to watch in the doubles race next Sunday.
3.Barry Lewin – 1:16:50 – Customkayak Bullet – Barry was within spitting distance of the lead two boats paddling the new Bullet, definitely a boat to check out.
4.Patrick Hemmens -1:22:35 – Fenn Elite SL – Pat was off with the lead group and held his ground all race, a spec in the distance to most of the following racers. He’s starting to dial in the new Elite SL and is spending the week in the Bay Area preparing for US Champs.
5.Dave Jenson -1:22:43- Special – Dave is well known for his uncanny ability to find the swift waves and current, esp here on his homecourse. Big thanks goes out to him for all his volunteer time/energy for putting on the Wavechaser races

3rd Place Finish in Division

6. DJ -1:24:17- Fenn Swordfish – Very impressed with this race being the second time in this new boat, both fast and stable, can’t wait to get the boat boat to Bellingham for others to try. I’m hoping for big & bad conditions next weekend since I didn’t come here for flatwater!
7.Brent Reitz – 1:24:37- Special – I paddled up to Brent and asked him if his cardiologist knew what he was doing. Brent was keeping the power on during the entire race and had the biggest ear to ear grin throughout.
8. Craig Tanner – 1:25:45- Fenn Elite – Local racer who loves downwinders. He’s been doing more tri training this year, but he’s always dialed into going fast in the bay.
9. Austin Kieffer -1:26:12- Fenn XT – this was his first ski race and second paddle in non Lake Whatcom conditions. With a background as a current top US slalom racer, Austin hit the water after the awards ceremony for another ten mile cruise while most other racers hit the beer and Motrin. Everyone was very impressed with his speed on the flats, now he just needs to figure out how to surf in the next week. Ah, to be 22 and unstoppable….
*18. DeAnn Hemmens -1:29:22 – Fenn Swordfish – top female finisher in her new Swordfish. She walked away from the pack of guys around her and is paddling very well right now, looking for a repeat win next weekend at US Champs. She’s loving the new boat!!

Of note, Bellingham’s own Mike G. won top prize at the raffle (again) this week, is this guy lucky or what???… Patrick has decided to stay in town all week and Austin and I are going to be chasing waves with him all week. We’re headed out to the open ocean today in search of a little excitement. Ocean Paddlesports boats are available for demo all week and will be representing in force at the Friday demo day and I will be bringing the new Fenn Swordfish and Elite SL home to Bellingham with me.

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