On the Road Again

Friday August 5th, DJ and Austin, a slalom whitewater kayaker from Asheville, NC,  are on the road to San Francisco for ten days of training, racing, and hopefully some big surfing. DJ will be testing out the Fenn Swordfish, a new boat by Fenn kayaks. The boat’s dimensions fall between those of the Elite and XT and provide an ideal combination of speed and stability for what promises to be a week of big bay conditions. It will be exciting to watch DJ throw down and test the capabilities of the Swordfish in the next two weekends of racing. Austin will be paddling the carbon XT. After three days of learning his way around a surf-ski in the flat water of Bellingham, WA, he is excited to get some exposure to the surfing element of the sport. The light weight, reliable XT will be the perfect boat to give him the stability in big conditions of his first race. Both athletes are excited to get out on the waves and test their Fenn boats in the Sunday race. The race boasts an impressive selection of top US paddlers as well as a strong South African contingent. The Ocean Paddle Sports trailer will also be at the race in force to support the international athletes and display a wide array of Fenn products, including the Elite SL and Swordfish. The race will be a good competitive warm-up for the US Championships in one week. More information and results will be posted after the Sunday race.

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