Bowen Island Race =

Last weekend was the annual Round Bowen Challenge north of Vancouver, BC. The race was bumped back one month by race organizers in the hopes of better weather and more wind. I missed the memo that summer arrived and should have been clued into the relative heat as I kept finding shade during the pre-race meeting. The direction of the race was switched to counterclockwise at the pre-race meeting to better accommodate the predicted southerly winds that race organizers were banking on which never arrived. I was visualizing surfing cool Strait of Georgia waves during the second part of the race the spray whipping over my shoulders.

Within five minutes of the start I realized I was overdressed in long lycra tights and an insulated long sleeve shirt, at the two-mile mark I officially decided I was overheating. Instead to taking the minute or two to takes cloths off then, I decided to sit tight and paddle through it. The rest of the race kind of went like:
Mile 8: Bonked from the heat
Mile 12: asked the person I was barely drafting off of going 6 mph if we were almost #%* there.
Mile 14: Pulled into a beach, took cloths off & went swimming.
Mile 16: Repeated pulling into another beach, more cloths came off, another swim.


JACOBSON, David MHPK 146 (other #?)

It’s officially summer, even in the PNW,  and time to show some pasty skin and wear less clothing.


There were some great performances of note:
Overall Results

Don Kiesling and Gabe Newton pulled hard through the flats and set a new course record in their Fenn Elite Double and walking with some cash and a trophy. Be cool to see what kind of damage these guys can to at the US Champs….

Ian Mackenzie came close to the singles course record in his K-1. A couple prerace conversations I overheard consisted around ‘ballsy’ and ‘can he remount that boat’, but it was all a walk in the park for Ian. Wasn’t fast enough to hang with the top two doubles, but way ahead of all the other singles, kudos!

Morris and Debbie Arthur and have really taken off as the PNW’s top mixed double team. I’ve been told that Morris beat the heat and raced in his underwear, whatever their trick they smoked the competition. I heard Debbie warming up the going to US Champs after the race to give the new downwind course a try, maybe another repeat of the underwear performance is in store?

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  1. Yes, a hot one indeed! There was some relief in the form of a light headwind on the back side of the island, but the last few miles with a light tailwind (feels like *no* wind) was a real struggle! A good day for a fast time if you could keep your cool. Otherwise, swimming was the move.

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