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FENN Rentals for Gorge and US Champs – the two biggest & best N. American downwind races!

Gorge Paddling Festival and USA Surfski Champs Surfski Rentals

IF you are interested in renting a surfski for either of these two North American World cup races, please download form and return to secure your FENN surfski.
We will be driving a large trailer to both locations for you!!!!


FENN Demos

Hello All;
Quick heads-up that Ocean Paddlesports has a full line of FENN surfskis in Bellingham for demo as we get ready for another amazing paddling season.  Like always, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a demo opportunity. We currently have basically every current Fenn design in stock, including;
Elite-S – ask Steve how much he likes this design!  In a nutshell – made to go fast/super stable in the big stuff!  Several paddlers have already been out in the demo & love it – try it & find out why!!!
Blue-Fin – they’re back, definitely ‘THE’ stable entry level ski.  Amazingly safe & stable in the bumps, super fun going downwind.  We have trouble keeping ’em in stock because people love the design!!
Spark – my favorite ‘small person’ elite race boat.  Why push around extra volume when you an zip around in a Spark!  Seems like I can’t get on the water these days without crossing paths with another Spark…
Glide – Austin’s ski of choice & I can’t keep up going downwind with Simon in his Glide.  I hope other fast ski paddlers don’t discover this design so I have a chance….
PLUS… Swordfish, XT, Elite SL’s, Fenn Paddles, Gara Paddles, Mocke Gear and more……
If you haven’t already, I’d be happy to give you the opportunity to test drive any of the FENN surfskis so that you can see for yourself why ski paddlers worldwide love the innovative designs and top quality construction of FENN.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me to set-up a private demo session.

2015 – Getting Cranking For Another Great Season!

photo                                                     (the view of launching at dark-thirty for pre-work paddle)
Quick heads-up as we get the new Ocean Paddlesports product line cranking for another exciting season in the Pacific Northwest!  2015 looks to be another great paddling season as our sport continues to evolve and new designs hit the market to compliment the Fenn flotilla.  New for this year, the ELITE-S, which had lots of design input from downwind guru Dawid Mocke, is currently the top selling elite boat in South Africa.  It’s been described as ‘super fast & stable’ – an Elite hull with a lower volume deck (w/ concave paddle catch area) & the entire cockpit has been bumped up to help catch those fast moving downwind runners.  Best news is we’ll have one for demo in Bellingham shortly, so we’ll have an opportunity to test drive it ourselves!
Also, Ocean Paddlesports has worked hard to have a full line skis in the PNW.  Currently we have; Vac Carbon Elite SL’s, Hybrid Glides & Sparks, Vac Carbon XT, Vac Glass Swordfish, and more boats will be arriving soon – two new Blue Fins will be arriving next week! Plus a full line of paddles & paddling garb, please feel free to give me a shout for a demo paddle.
We look forward to another exciting year of paddling as our sport continues to grow and more international downwind events (Gorge Downwind Fest!) get established in the PNW.  As the PNW athlete rep for Ocean Paddlesports, I look forward to continue to bringing quality products which are designed & built by surf ski paddlers in the Fenn SA factory. I would like to give all local paddlers the opportunity to demo the innovative designs & quality construction which Fenn continues to bring to our local paddling community!
Hope to see you on the water soon!

THE 5 CAPES Expedition – The Ultimate Trip of a Lifetime!!!!


 Hello PNW Paddlers!

Dawid and I are running our 5 Capes Expedition again next year and we would appreciate it if you can pass this email on to ski paddlers that might be interested!

The goal of the expedition is to paddle around the five major ‘capes’ or points of the southern coast of South Africa between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Also we do as many millers runs and downwinds as we can when the wind allows.




It’s a 10 day ALL INCLUSIVE expedition. That means that all equipment, hotels, food and drinks are included. It’s 10 days worth of paddling adventures, coaching, millers runs, downwinds and more awesome places to paddle. It’s a small group, 6 max, and we run the whole 10 days ourselves.

Read the write up of last years trip here:

(I must mention that all of last years participants are returning this year!)

This year we will do two trips. What really works well is if a group of people who know each come together. That really adds a lot of value. (Ie A whole group of Bellingham guys). We would like to keep it to 6, nice and personal. As the first trip is already sold out we would like to get a group for the second trip.



Check in:  Port Elizabeth

                 Sunday 22 March 2015

Check out: Cape Town

                  Wednesday 1 April 2015


ZAR 37,000 (about USD 3,500 based on today’s exchange rate). – just note that the price will stay quoted in ZAR.

This includes all accommodation, food, drinks, ski’s and paddling. Beside this all you need to do is book your own flights.

Interested/Questions? Please contact me directly at

Ask Dawid….

Recently the inaugural Canadian Surfski Championships was held on the beautiful northern tip of Howe Sound, BC.  Though I wasn’t expecting a 100% downwind ripper, I was hoping for some bump.  As it turned out come race day, the race was flat, but an amazing roster of international athletes were on hand ready to compete and it was a very well run positive event.  As one top Aussie athlete said the day before the race “I’m an ocean racer, you get what you get, sometimes downwind, sometimes upwind, and sometimes flat”.  That felt like good motivation to pull hard throughout the race.

Ah, but the start… here’s the video;


Not the best video, but also quite evident that it was a moving start line.  Honestly, I wasn’t surprised that the start went off the way it did.  Friends that race ‘the circuit’ say it’s very common in international races for the line to be pushed.   Never the less, there has been a lot of chatter, griping, some hilarious finger-pointing, and even history digging, regarding this particular start.  As a local hacker who is too slow, too old, etc… to race the international circuit, I can officially say I loved the start. All the US Champs that I’ve competed in have gone off with some degree of line-pushing & I’ll happily admit I like the starting-line jostle.

So, I asked Dawid Mocke what he thought of the start.  He wasn’t at the race, so that gives him a little distance from this particular start.  As one of the most successful athletes in the sport, strong paddling ambassador, and all around nice guy, I wanted to get his take on the status of race starts on the international circuit.


Q – What is the current race etiquette for racers bumping/creeping the start line in a mass start event?

Dawid –  start etiquette – creeping start lines happen at all races everywhere in the world and are seemingly the rule as opposed to exception!

It seems more prevalent in water based starts and where racers haven’t been briefed ad nauseum about the procedure; where its evident that misdemeanors won’t really be policed and where the start line is very wide and loose.

Also where there is too much time spent trying to get a straight line and everyone on it.

You also need a very strong starter.

If you have a standing land based or standing next to your ski start its always much easier to get a clean fair start.

The best method I have seen for a start is Dean Gardiner’s where there is a small startline between two buoys with a front seeded line of paddlers and where everyone must pass through the buoys.


FENN Surfskis Dominate US Champs


Big thanks to all the athletes, sponsors and race volunteers who made 2014 US Surfski Championships a huge success!  It was the deepest and most competitive field in the history of the race.  No surprise that three out of the top five overall finishers paddled FENN Surfskis.

We currently have our largest inventory of brand new and ‘barely used’ surfskis currently in Bellingham.  Many prices have been reduced to help these boats find happy new homes, please contact us directly for more information.  Currently we have;

Fenn Elite Spark

Fenn Elite Glide

Fenn Elite SL

Fenn Swordfish

Fenn XT


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo opportunity or for more info regarding these end of season deals!

Looking forward to seeing many of you next weekend at Canadian Championships!



The Best in Bellingham!

Jasper Celebration

Whatcom paddlers, listen up! Ocean Paddlesports is proud to announce that Fenn athlete/sensation Jasper Mocke, will be in Bellingham this summer! Hailing from a family whose name has become synonymous with high performance surfski racing, Mocke is looking to continue his 2014 season dominance in North America. On August 20th and 21st, Jasper will be in Bellingham sharing his knowledge, passion, and expertise with the paddlers of the Pacific Northwest.

Over the last year in the international surfski scene, Jasper has been on a meteoric rise, proving he is the man to beat! In 2013, Jasper claimed several huge victories; two among them were the hotly contested Perth Doctor and the Cape Town Downwind. Building off his 2013 breakout season, Mocke, has really shown that 2014 is shaping up to be his year. So far Mocke has won three of the first four Surfski World Series Races, including the Doctor, the Mandurrah Duel, and the Defis World Cup. Mocke is also fresh off two victories at the South African Surfski Champs, winning both the singles and doubles category in Durban.

 Jasper and Sean

I personally, have learned volumes from Jasper. His flatwater technique, downwind surfing, and race day execution are second to none. And on top of raw physical ability, he also has a wealth of information to share with you about training, racing, and improving all aspects of your surfski paddling.

He has been one of my biggest inspirations over the last two years and as many of you saw in my post after my trip to South Africa, I learned volumes about racing and training from Jasper.

A lesson with one of the unstoppable surfski forces of 2014 is not something to be missed. If you are interested in joining one of his clinics on either Wednesday or Thursday (August 20th and 21st), please contact DJ.

Looking forward to visiting Bellingham soon!


This opportunity will fill-up quickly, please email DJ asap to get your name on the list!



Tentative Clinic Schedule



·      Style: Private

·      Price: $100

·      90min session

·      Clinic Size: 4 people max




·      Style: Group

·      Price: $50

·      2hr session

·      Clinic Size: 10 people max





·      Style: Private

·      Price: $100

·      90min session

·      Clinic Size: 4 people max


Summer is here and we’re restocked with new Fenn surfskis just in time to cool down & enjoy our endless summer paddling opportunities!   I’ll be at Bloedel for the next two Wednesday evenings, July 2nd & 9th, to allow folks to demo the new boats during the Wednesday evening race. I’m also planning on jumping in boats with anyone who wants to talk paddling technique or go for a cruise in a new design.


We have every design in stock, including the Blue-Fin, which has been extremely popular since it hit the US market last year. This design allows novice paddles the confidence to feel stable in a variety of conditions and more experienced paddlers the opportunity to chase waves. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to demo this design – they’re going fast!


We also have the Fenn Swordfish (#1 intermediate design in Bellingham for last two years) back in stock, and the Fenn Elite Spark & Glide! The Spark & Glide have been on top of the podium since they were released in 2013.  Jasper Mocke just rode a Spark to a much coveted win at the 2014 South Africa Surfski Champs against a packed ‘A-list’ of competitors – once again proving the Spark can perform as an elite ski in a variety of conditions!


Please feel free to contact me at anytime regarding setting up an Ocean Paddlesports/ Fenn demo opportunity!




Summer Weather in Here! Come Demo a Fenn Surfski!

Big thanks to everyone who’s helped make the local spring race series a huge success!

Fenn surfskis continue to lead the race pack in local and international competition. Congratulations to all Fenn paddles for top finishes in local early season races!


*La Conner – OVERALL RACE WINNER – Fenn Elite Double

*Bellingham Rough Water Challenge – OVERALL RACE WINNER – Fenn Elite Spark

*Dan Harris Challenge – OVERALL RACE WINNER – Fenn Elite SL

*Lake Whatcom Classic – OVERALL RACE WINNER – Fenn Elite Spark


Ocean Paddlesports has had an exceptionally busy start to the year and the second shipment of Fenn surfskis are on the way! Fenn boats continue to impress ski paddlers with their full line of surfskis, innovative designs and unbeatable quality – we have everything for your flatwater through surfing needs! Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you would like to schedule a private demo in Bellingham.


Hope in see you on the water!





We are pleased to announce two upcoming demo days! Come out and demo the full Ocean Paddlesports line-up of Fenn surfskis and see why they are the best surfskis on the market.




Lake Padden, swim beach below bathroom




Bloedel Donavan Park on Lake Whatcom


Please feel free to contact us with specific demo wishes and we look forward to seeing you on the water. Remember to bring a lifejacket and appropriate coldwater paddling clothing. Demos will be rescheduled for high winds (aka nuking), please check this website prior to the demo day if it’s gusty for plan-B options. Please feel free to contact us for alternate demo opportunities at anytime throughout the year.


Hope to see you on the water!



Fenn Surfskis are made with pride in South Africa at the Fenn owned & operated factory, come check-out the quality of these amazing boats!

Vac Glass 31lbs $2500 Performance 34lbs $2795 Performance 34lbs $2695
Vac Hybrid 26 lbs $3100
Ultra 27.5 lbs $3795 ——
Vac Carbon 23 lbs $3900
Elite 24l lbs $5095 Elite 28lbs $3495

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